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With OcciGuide, administer guided occipital nerve blocks without the headache.

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A better way to treat headaches

Occipital nerve block is a proven method of treatment for headache, with studies showing a rarity of serious side effects. With OcciGuide, you can advance your practice by providing this effective procedure without the guesswork, expanding your patients' access to reliable care. Occipital nerve blocks with OcciGuide are also an effective complement to numerous treatment options, bringing headaches under better control.

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  • Not always effective
  • Difficult to maintain
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  • Daily usage of powerful drugs
  • Potential side effects



How to Use Occiguide


Watch the demo to see just how quick and easy administering occipital nerve blocks with OcciGuide can be.

Download full, detailed instructions below. 


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Physician Frequently Asked Questions

In this video, Dr. Ezekiel Fink discusses providers frequently asked questions and outlines the important features of the device.
See below for the list of questions.

The OcciGuide is a user-friendly disposable device invented by Dr. Ezekiel Fink to increase access of the occipital nerve block to any clinician. It’s designed to account for each specific patient’s anatomy and allow any clinician to perform the occipital nerve block on a patient when it is indicated.

For more information, including training and how to get the product, please contact us.

OcciGuide uses superficial anatomical markers to line up the pathway of the greater and lesser occipital nerve. There are a few features of the device that are important.

First, the headband that goes over the back of the head is designed to fit over the smallest adult female to the largest adult male cranium.

The first anatomical landmark is the occipial protuberance which the OcciGuide logo rests directly over.

The second anatomical landmark is the mastoid process.  The junction of thedeformable metal arm and the elastic band is adjusted to rest directly over this landmark. Please note, the arm should be moved on the metal not the elastic. 

Once this is lined up, there are four injection ports over the greater and lesser occipital nerves on each side of the head.

This device is intended for one time use and should be disposed of after the procedure is complete.

The occipital nerve block is a procedure that delivers local anesthetic  over the occipital nerves. The occipital nerves are responsible for pain and sensation on the occiput and play a role in headache pain. By administering the occipital nerve block, you're blocking the pain cycle.

An occipital nerve block is a valuable treatment for headaches. It provides rapid onset relief without systemic side effects. Studies have concluded that occipital nerve blocks are at least as safe, if not safer than, other treatment options and randomized control trials have shown that the injection can provide pain relief for two weeks or longer with the administration of a local anesthetic alone.

The occipital nerve block is an effective treatment for many headache types including migraines, cervicogenic headaches, cluster headaches, occipital neuralgia and other.

Typically, physicians inject a local anesthetic.  This includes lidocaine, bupivacaine or prilocaine. Some physicians also inject steroids.

Dr. Fink usually administers 1-2 cc's per injection site of 1% lidocaine without epinephrine.

Yes. There are a few critical injection tips that should be considered when administering the treatment. 

  1. Angle the needle slightly upward as it is advanced. The injection should never be done in the neck.
  2. Advance the needle all the way down to the cranium and then withdraw slightly.
  3. It is important to aspirate before injecting the medication. 

Patients can safely have the procedure done every two to four weeks. There have been multiple randomized control trials which show that the procedure is effective up to two weeks with a local anesthetic.

Other trials have demonstrated that having the procedure performed more frequently leads to a cumulative effect. A patient recieving the procedure previously is not a contraindication. In fact, it may confer additional benefit by repeating the procedure, even within the same week.

Absolutely. One of the reasons behind the invention of the OcciGuide was to give doctors an alternative to opioids for headache management. The OcciGuide provides patients quick relief and eliminates the need to try various other treatment options.

It’s not necessary in an emergency room. Randomized control trials have shown that using a local anesthetic alone gives up to two weeks of relief, and can be repeated if necessary. Adding a steroid injection adds potential side-effects and limits the number of times the procedure can be done and the frequency of the procedure.

Complications associated with using Occiguide are unusual, and when they do occur, they’re typically mild. Complications include:

  1. Complications associated with the needle itself (i.e. injection point soreness, hematoma).
  2. Infectious complications.
  3. Medication-associated side-effects.

When you compare the risks and benefits of this particular procedure against the other potential options, studies have shown, it is just as safe, if not safer than the other available options.  

The OcciGuide is a single-use device. The reasons for this include blood product contamination and sterlizing the device can interfere with the flexibility of the various components.

In addition repeated use will affect the accuracy of the device.

No. Once the patient is stabilized, they can be discharged.

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